Научно-исследовательское учреждение

Институт прикладных физических проблем имени А.Н. Севченко

Белорусского государственного университета

A. N. Sevchenko Institute of Applied Physical Problems

of Belarusian State University



A. N. Sevchenko  Institute  of  Applied  Physical Problems of Belarusian State University is the base of the Belarusian State University for scientific research, training and qualification of the teaching staff in physics, computer science, scientific instrumentation, electronics, acoustics and chemical technology.

Annually more than 50 students, and graduate students of Belarusian State University and other universities involved to the research work, writing term papers and dissertations, practices. More than 40 employees of the institute participate in the educational process.

During the work of the Institute, more then 40 years, staff of the Institute has completed more than 40 doctoral and 240 master's theses, received more than 1,300 certificates for inventions and patents, published 110 monographs, reference books, textbooks and more than 14,000 articles. Also during this time, employees have received the following awards: the USSR State Prize in 1991; the BSSR State Prize in 1974, 1983 and 1986; State Prize of the Republic of Belarus in 1992, 1994 and 1998; the premium of the USSR Council of Ministers in 1984, the award BSSR Council of Ministers in 1990 and Prize of the Council of Ministers in 1991; 3 Komsomol Prize.

The Institute carries out joint research work with universities and organizations in Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, USA, Denmark, Poland, China, Serbia, Italy, Libya and other countries near and far abroad. More than 20 employees of the Institute annually go to foreign missions for scientific work on scientific training, to participate in international conferences, etc.

Scientific and intellectual potential and modern equipmentof the Institute allow the Institute staff at a high scientific and technical level to solve actual scientific and technical tasks to be optimistic about the future.